Filet & lobster

"The Yarmouth house is a Cape Cod staple! The atmosphere is elegant but still cozy and inviting. The food is always excellent and the cocktails are fabulous. Their staff are always knowledgeable and friendly"

martini poured

"Delicious! We've been dining at Yarmouth House for over 35 years. We travel from RI just about 2-3 times a year just for Yarmouth House. We are on our way there now to celebrate our 43rd anniversary. Can't wait to get there. The atmosphere, food and staff is what keeps our family coming back to Yarmouth House year after year. WonderfulL, Amazing restaurant."

Rib & Lobster

"The restaurant is beautiful, twinkle lights, great atmosphere, excellent servers and service. I have been there many times, I have never had to send anything back, the food and cocktails have always been spot on. It's one of my very favorite places to go out for dinner. The staff and hosts make you feel special the moment you walk in the door."